Atefeh Majidi Nezhad

02 Okt. 2018

OAZO AIR presents Atefeh Majidi Nezhad, an artist with an focus on fine art. Atefeh stayed at the OAZO air for the past two months. She lives in Tehran-Iran where she earned an MFA in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University.

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OAZO AIR presents; Valeria Ko

01 Jul. 2018

OAZO presents visual artist Valéria Ko. With a presentation of her work, a Q & A and traditional Russian snacks.


Valeria calls her work everyday erotic articles. Her works are focused on women's forms and a simple beauty. She likes to mix routine things and an unusual environment. Her works are not only about women themselves, but also about a figure in a space. She finds the female body inspiring.

On Instagram you can see more of her work:

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Artist Talk & Drinks AIR - Roi Alter

01 Feb. 2018

It is our pleasure to invite you to the presentation of our artist in residence Roi Alter. Join us for an evening of Art & Drinks!

Roi is staying with us from the 9th of February until the 21st. During his stay, he will be working on a theater show. Roi will tell us a little bit more about his work and the theater show. Our host of the evening will do a little Q&A so there will be enough time for questions.

Franz Müller's Wire Spring was translated to English and adapted to theatre by visual artist and translator Roi Alter (1980, Jaffa), who has initially attracted to the story thanks to its absurdist appearance and rhythmic structure, strongly intertwined with some profoundly realistic contemporary social conditions. Alter had created the set, props, costumes and music for the play in a "Schwitters-like" manner, also corresponding to Alter's own artistic practice - working alone and relying on available and found materials and on existing capabilities (thus letting the constraints on his work to also positively determine the outcome), and went on to direct the play with performer and visual artist Styrmir Orn Gudmunsson (IS/NL), singer, composer and performer Anat Spiegel (IL/NL), and actor, clown and musician Daniel Rovai (FR/NL). Also collaborating in creating the
performance were musician Thomas Myrmel (sound and light) and curator Maaike Gouwenberg from A.P.E (art projects era). During the play Alter plays drums and guitar and operates the sound.

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Opening Night of our Artist in Residence Nataly Kozhukhovskaya

01 Dec. 2017

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Opening Night of our Artist in Residence Nataly Kozhukhovskaya on wednesday January 10th from 18h00 until 21h00.

During her three-month residency Nataly (RUS) worked on her project "Dating an imaginary man". A series of portraits was created in the spring of 2016 in a suburb of Barcelona in the residence of Mas Els Igols. A series of linocut patterns was created in the summer of 2017 in Amsterdam at the residence of the AGA lab and is part of the project Dating an imaginary man. Here, in OAZO she continued to work on Dating an imaginary man project. Here is the process

The Opening Night will be a moment to get acquainted with her works.

Please join us January 10th at Kruitberg for an Artist Talk with Nataly and presentation of her work.

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Antonio Jose Guzman: in preparation for the exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) | May, 2016

12 Mei. 2016

We are pleased to host Antonio Jose Guzman. Guzman will be working on his upcoming solo exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) at Galerie 23, Amsterdam (Opening May 29, 2016) and Mon Capitaine, Middelburg (Opening June 5, 2016).

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Moha presents: The Walks - Funeral | April 16 | 15h00 - 17h00

08 Apr. 2016

We warmly invite you to Moha’s Funeral, the third edition of The Walks. The Funeral starts at 3 pm at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost and will end around 5 pm at Wijk 7. There will be a series

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"Kelly" is back for a week

30 Mar. 2016

This week Lisa Vereertbrugghen is in Kruitberg to prepare for The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly at SHOWROOM MAMA

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María Peralta: Rehearsals Spiegel im Spiegel | February 6 -14, 2016

06 Feb. 2016

What is specific about the encounter between two? This is one of the questions that runs through María Peralta’s new performance Spiegel im Spiegel that will premiere

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​AIR in Zuidoost | November 5–December 5 | CBK Zuidoost

04 Nov. 2015

We warmly invite you to the opening of the artist in residence exhibition AIR in Zuidoost at CBK Zuidoost on Thursday November 5 at 5 pm.

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Open group x R'm Aharoni | October 6 | 19h00

04 Okt. 2015

We warmly invite you to Open group x R'm Aharoni = Open Gallery: 1000 km view x Bijlmer meet Eric Gill.

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Speech as an Autobiographical Method R’m Aharoni

15 Sep. 2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the workshop Speech as an Autobiographical Method by R’m Aharoni.The workshop focuses on creating speeches that reflect personal perspectives and backgrounds.

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Open Studio R'm Aharoni | September on weekdays | 10h00-17h00

05 Sep. 2015

With great pleasure we invite you to Rm Aharoni's Open Studio. R’m Aharoni’s (BE/IL) interdisciplinary body of work sources from biographies. Rm explores ...

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Opening Night David Gumbs | July 11th 19h00 - 22h00

07 Jul. 2015

With great pleasure we invite you to the Opening Night of Artist in Residence David Gumbs (GP). The famous statement “Rien ne se perd, rien ne ...

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AIR July-August | David Gumbs

07 Jul. 2015

David Gumbs is a multimedia artist from the small island of Sint-Martin. While in residence he aims to confront Amsterdam’s diverse population with work produced ...

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One and the same place| June 20th & 21st | 12h00-18h00

07 Jun. 2015

The annual arts festival of the Bijlmer, OPEN ART ROUTE, presents the Bijlmer Open Gallery: One and the same place by Ukrainian artist collective Open Group. One ...

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Opening Night Open Group | June 11th | 19h00

05 Jun. 2015

With great pleasure we invite you to the Opening Night of Artists in Residence Stanislav Turina and Yuriy Biley on Thursday June 11th at 19h00. Yuriy and Stanislav ...

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AIR MAY-JUNE | Open Group

11 Mei. 2015

Yuriy Biley and Stanislav Turina are co-founders of the Lviv based artist collective Open Group. The practice of the collective is based on researching the ...

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Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring | Homage to Kurt Schwitters in a circus arena | May 15th & 16th | Splendor Amsterdam

11 Mei. 2015

With great pleasure A.P.E. (art projects era), OAZO AIR and Splendor present Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring on Friday May 15th and Saturday May ...

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The office of lost time | Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky | Hoekenrodeplein until May 29th

29 Apr. 2015

Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky are back in the Bijlmer to present the project they have worked on during their residency. The office of lost time can ...

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Open Rehearsal + After Talk Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring | May 9th 19h30|NoLIMIT

29 Apr. 2015
With great pleasure A.P.E. (art projects era), NoLIMIT and OAZO AIR present the Open Rehearsal of Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring on Saturday ... Read more »

AIR April – May | Roi Alter

24 Feb. 2015
The time has come for a revival of the revolutionary Dada spirit of Kurt Schwitters. Almost a century ago the Dada campaign, a series ... Read more »

opening night Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky

18 Feb. 2015
What does home mean to you? Where do you feel at home? When do you feel at home? Why do you feel at home? ... Read more »


18 Feb. 2015
In November Kelly was presented for the first time at Het Veem Theater after an intensive rehearsal period at OAZO AIR and NoLIMIT. On February 7th Kelly ... Read more »

AIR February-March | Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky

27 Jan. 2015
The office of lost time © Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons The artistic practice of Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky consists of performances, social events ... Read more »

Opening Night Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky | February 6th 19h00

26 Jan. 2015
Join us for the Opening Night of Artists in Residence Alice Pons (FR) and Olivia Reschofsky (HU). With: the Living Room hosted by Alice ... Read more »

Invitation to the Blues | Opening January 24th 18h00-22h00

01 Jan. 2015
Invitation to the Blues © Roi Alter For four consecutive Saturday nights PuntWG will transform into a Juke Joint: an informal gathering and meeting ... Read more »


20 Nov. 2014
Opening Night Artist in Residence Hu Wei © Timon Raven On Saturday November 15th we organised an OPENING NIGHT with our Artist in Residence Hu Wei. ... Read more »

OPENING NIGHT Hu Wei | November 15th 20h00-00h00

05 Nov. 2014
We organise an Opening Night for our Artist in Residence Hu Wei on Saturday November 15th from 20h00 until 00h00 at Kruitberg 1003A. You are ... Read more »


28 Okt. 2014
Macsen Apollo & Ravennest launch a new EP The five brand new Hip Hop tracks on The Apollo Project are the result of a ... Read more »

Hu Wei AIR October | January

10 Okt. 2014
We are pleased to announce that Chinese visual artist Hu Wei will be OAZO Artist in Residence from the end of October until January. For this residency ... Read more »

Work-in-Progress Showing TPFKP or camouflaging Kelly

10 Okt. 2014
Lisa Vereertbrugghen et al. are soon leaving us. Before they are off to Buda (BE) they will share the material they have created so far during ... Read more »

Lisa Vereertbrugghen | The performance formerly known as performance or Camouflaging Kelly

11 Sep. 2014
The Performance Formerly Known As Performance or Camouflaging Kelly © Lisa Vereertbrugghen. Camouflage is the method or result of concealing. By making things or people appear ... Read more »

Opening Night Lisa Vereertbrugghen

11 Sep. 2014
On Monday September 8th we organised an OPENING NIGHT with our Artist in Residence Lisa Vereertbrugghen. Artist Talk with Lisa Vereertbrugghen © Sangiorgio Dallajee Blonk During her ... Read more »

Opening Night Lisa Vereertbrugghen | September 8th 17h00-20h00

04 Sep. 2014
We organise an OPENING NIGHT for our Artist in Residence Lisa Vereertbrugghen on Monday September 8th from 17h00 until 20h00 at Kruitberg 1003A.  Join us for an ... Read more »

Lisa Vereertbrugghen et al. AIR September | October

08 Aug. 2014
Flemish choreographer, performance artist and associate artist of Het Veem Theater Lisa Vereertbrugghen will be OAZO Artist in Residence in September and October. She will be ... Read more »


07 Aug. 2014
Welcome at our completely renewed website. Visit us once in a while because the programme for the upcoming months will be announced very soon. If ... Read more »


07 Aug. 2014
On Thursday September 18th from 17h00 until 18h30 Centre for Visual Arts Zuidoost (CBK Zuidoost) organises a Kunstcafé (art café) related to the exhibition Wanderlust. During ... Read more »

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