Emeka Okereke is a Nigerian-born photographer and writer who lives and works between Africa and Europe. He has a BA and MA from the National Fine Art School of Paris and was a member of the renowned Nigerian photography collective, Depth of Field. His current work explores the theme of “borders” through photography, time-based media, poetry, and performative interventions. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project, which assembles African artists to embark on a creative journey by road across national borders. His work with Invisible Borders was featured at the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts in a presentation titled, “A Trans-African Worldspace.” Through Emeka Okereke Photography & Projects, he coordinates projects based on exchanges, including Crossing Compasses: Lagos-Berlin Photo Exchange (May -June 2012) and Converging Visions: Nigeria -Netherlands Photo Exchange (June -September 2012). In 2003, the Association française d’action artistique (AFAA) named him the Best Young Photographer at the Bamako Photo Festival. In 2016, he was nominated for the Elysée Prize for Photography.His works and writings have been exhibited and published in numerous platforms all over the world.

Emeka is staying at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost from april through june 2017. His interest in Bijlmer aligns with his preoccupation with spaces that operate at the intersticesofsociocultural confluences. In many ways, it mirrors my work with the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project, or his most recent body of work “Exploring A Void”. During his residency Emeka will carry on from where he stopped in his earlier engagements with Bijlmer during which he realised photographic and video works st CBK Zuidoost & Stichting FLAT's Flatstation in 2010.

Emeka Okereke

Emeka Okereke (NG, 1980)


Emeka Okereke - Foto 1

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