We are pleased to host Antonio Jose Guzman. Guzman will be working on his upcoming solo exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) at Galerie 23, Amsterdam (Opening May 29, 2016) and Mon Capitaine, Middelburg (Opening June 5, 2016).

Dukkha (Double Dip) is a sequel to Guzman’s Dukkha series that he started during a residency at Art OMI in New York (2014) and the musical composition of his DNA ELOO, which he presented during the Havana Biennale (2015) and Art Rotterdam (2016). The exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) presents a new assemblage of geometric thread - and photo sculptures in which influences of Constructivism come together with the culture of the Congolese Diaspora in Panama.

Dukkha is a concept from Buddhist philosophy that teaches us that nothing in life is permanent nothing is now the same as it was a moment ago. Guzman’s visionary images show the world, cultures and humanity in transition. The exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) shows a fascinating universe in which cultural influences from all over the globe come together: the enigmatic anatomy drawings by Jean-Michel Basquiat meet the geometrical spatial drawings by Gego, which merge with the ritual 'cosmos drawings' by Günther Uecker as well as the nail patterns in Congolese Nkisi figures. With this métissage, a mixture of cultural influences, Guzman embodies a new sensibility and a universal consciousness in which art as pan-humanistic expression, in all its vitality, forms the core.

- Translated excerpt from a text written by Janna E. Adriaanse

Dukkha (Double Dip) is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and the Mondriaan Fund.

Antonio Jose Guzman

Antonio Jose Guzman (PA/NL, 1971)


Antonio Jose Guzman - Foto 1

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