“It was great. We got to meet lots of practitioners and curators, saw a million different museums. When you’re studying art in the Caribbean, you’re looking at all these tiny pictures in textbooks, but there, we were seeing everything in real life!” Pinky

“It went by so fast, but every time I saw something so beautiful that I had to catch my breath, it triggered new ideas.  Sometimes when you’re in the same space, you think of the same things. Now, I can look at my own space with fresh eyes.” Emigrante

Alicia Milne (Pinky) holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies. Her work consists of drawings, plaster and clay works inspired by experiences of navigating space. Luis Vasquez La Roche (Emigrante)explores personal experiences and his newly adopted space and culture in his art. Their collaborative work, under the alias Pinky & Emigrante, consists of creating encounters and curating spaces. While both artists maintain individual practices they collaborate on a regular basis on street installations, pastings, zines, exhibitions and murals.

During their residency Pinky and Emigrante held a lecture on their work and the work of Alice Yard at Centre for Visual Arts Zuidoost (CBK Zuidoost) in collaboration with Uniarte. Moreover Pinky and Emigrante used the residency for developing individual and collaborative projects. Both artists created one-minute shorts videos that were screened at Metro Movies - short film festival and together they created a piece entitled Danger installation in public space in the Bijlmer, but their main collaborative project was Postcards from the New Republic. This print project was inspired by the vibrant immigrant community within the Bijlmer and was fueled by research into the national flags and coats of arms of the territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The resulting series of postcards and posters poke at relations between the former colonizer and colonies and were presented in Amsterdam souvenir postcard racks and in an exhibition at the studio. For an extensive narrative report on their residency click here and for blog posts on their activities click here.

Pinky & Emigrante

Alicia Milne | Pinky (TT, 1986) & Luis Vasquez La Roche | Emigrante (VE, 1983)

www.aliciamilne.com, www.luisvasquezlaroche.com, http://pinkyandemigrante.tumblr.com

Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche presentation at Centre for Visual Arts (CBK Zuidoost) © Sasha Dees Danger installation in Bijlmer Amsterdam © Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche Luis Vasquez La Roche at the studio space © Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche Poster from Postcard from the New Republic  © Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche Republic of Curacao postcard placed in Amsterdams souvenir postcard rack © Alicia Milne and Luis Vasquez La Roche

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