20 Nov. 2014

Opening Night Hu Wei © Timon RavenOpening Night Hu Wei © Timon Raven Opening Night Artist in Residence Hu Wei © Timon Raven On Saturday November 15th we organised an OPENING NIGHT with our Artist in Residence Hu Wei. Hu Wei took us on a performative tour through an installation he created especially for this evening with photographic documentation of works he made between 2012 and 2014. Opening Night Hu Wei © Timon Raven I Artist Talk Hu Wei © Timon Raven This art tour took us from a public bathhouse where The Stranger came into being to the artist’s own bathroom that formed the background for his performance The Soap Opera. Hu Wei explained that The Soap Opera also formed the basis for the ‘incidental creation’ of The Ear of Another Artist. From this story we move with Hu Wei to the hutongs of Beijing. The artist intervened in hutong life with a giant luminescent floating ball. This installation in public space was Passable, as the work is titled, nonetheless by-passers had to squeeze by it or slightly lift it up to do so. From the hutongs we move into a gallery space where he presented the participatory art piece In The Name of Art. In this piece he invited the audience to climb up a ladder to read a text excerpt. From the gallery we make a giant leap to the streets of Tijuana (MX) where the artist created a series of five works out of local consumer goods. These works were brought together in the exhibition Nothing Related, But Everything Is Concerned in which he displayed a specific societal condition build upon alternative intervention methods. See a.o. Just Under Control.

Opening Night Hu Wei © Timon Raven Artist Talk Hu Wei © Timon Raven

After this energetic Artist Talk everybody could enjoy delicious homemade Chinese bites, made by Hu Wei and Dai Xiyun, while original Lion Soldier Sidney Wartes was spinning the decks. Sidney Wartes @ Opening Night Hu Wei © Timon Raven DJ set by Sidney Wartes © Timon Raven


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