Simon Asencio holds a BA in Soft Sculpture and an MA in Performance and Scenographic studies from the Haute École d'Arts du Rhin Strasbourg and did his choreography studies at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). From 2010 onwards his work has been presented simultaneously in the field of theatre and visual art: in white cubes, black boxes and grey zones. In his work Asencio merges visual art, choreography and performance and investigates aspects of immaterial objecthood. His artistic practice has taken shape trough his collaborations with Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Nina Djeki?, Marta Ziólek and the collective ClaireNadiaSimon. In 2012 Asencio received the danceWEB Scholarship at ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna.

During his residency Simon Asencio worked on the dramaturgy of The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly by Lisa Vereertbrugghen that premiered at Het Veem Theater in November 2014.

Simon Asencio

Simon Asencio (FR, 1988)

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