Unn Faleide is a dancer. She earned a BA in Modern Theatre Dance from the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2014. Faleide has performed in projects created by various choreographers within and beyond the frame of her education, including Clara Amaral and Lisa Vereertbrugghen. Next to this Faleide has participated in workshops with Emio Greco| PC, Leine and Roebana and Rosas Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.). In season 2013/2014 Faleide is an apprentice at Cullberg Ballet.

During her residency Unn Faleide performed in The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly by Lisa Vereertbrugghen that premiered at Het Veem Theater in November 2014.

Unn Faleide

Unn Faleide (NO, 1989)

Unn Faleide in Eins Zwo (2013) © Nellie de Boer Lisa Vereertbrugghen Unn Faleide in The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly (2014) © Lisa Vereertbrugghen

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