It is our pleasure to host Angelo Custódio, Arthur Guilleminot and Pedro Matias aka the Driewieler Collectief at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost. Driewieler Collectief is an unexpected marriage between a classical singer, a conceptual designer and a visual artist. The collective is founded in 2010 by Pedro Matias (PT, 1984) and Angelo Gens(PT, 1983) when they moved to Amsterdam, with Arthur Guilleminot (FR, 1992) joining in early 2014. They have been presenting works in several venues in The Netherlands and Belgium but also in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and USA. The Driewieler Collectief explores ‘new shapes’ of community, redefines personal and social boundaries, bends sexual and gender conventions, embraces the awkward and the uncanny and proposes fantastic and utopian futures through their body of work.

Their most performed piece, 86,3 in 8,2, has been presented at S.M.A.K museum in Ghent, Showroom mama in Rotterdam, Biennale de Cerveira in Portugal and several other european venues. In July 2016 the Driewieler Collectief our guests to prepare for a European summer tour to present their work in Zurich >Manifesta Biennial< Berlin >Spacebodies II Transart Triennale< & Athens >metamatic:taf CTRL+T<. They also presented a showcase of their practice and research as a collective with a presentation of their most recent research and work 'Grisly spoon' and an adaptation of the performance 'Free Balling' at AIR OAZO.

Driewieler Collectief has received grants from Amsterdam funds voor de Kunst (AFK) and Mondrian Funds.

Driewieler Collectief

Driewieler Collectief (PT/FR, 2010)

Driewieler Collectief Driewieler Collectief

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