Choreographers and performance artists Olivia Reschofsky and Alice Pons started collaborating after graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). Their collaborative artistic practice, since 2014 created under the umbrella MOHA, consists of performances, social events and other artistic forms in surprising, unexpected and misplaced contexts. With this method of working they take a distance from the theatre and studio space and aim to reach a diverse non-exclusive audience and thus bring art and artistic practices closer to the everyday life of many people. Their interest in inclusive art has led them to collaborate with different social communities in different areas on projects such as BlueGorilla, The Walk, The Invisible Dance and Move.Dance.Act. All these works use the particularities of specific locations and can change the perception one has of these locations: a front yard transforming into a circus, a shop into a ballroom, a container into a forest. Reschofsky and Pons see themselves as scientists, exploring and discovering new details and approaches that could sound out normal ways of knowing and perceiving the body and the environment. They perform, teach and show their work in The Netherlands and internationally.

During their residency Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky worked on their project The office of lost time.

Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky

Olivia Reschofsky (HU, 1986) & Alice Pons (FR, )

BlueGorilla © Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons The Invisible Dance © Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons The Walk © Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons The office of lost time © Olivia Reschofsky, Alice Pons

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