We are thrilled to host artist, writer and classically trained musician Cecilia Bengtsson at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost during october and november 2016. Cecilia's practice is experience-based and has, in its core, a drive for more knowledge within the sensory-social field. She manipulates sounds, objects, movements and voices in order to explore the zone of the interval, resulting in sculptures in the shape they need to be: performance or object or film or ... At AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost she will be working on new sound-sculpture hybrids that resonate with the Bijlmer locale and have an Open Night!

Slight weight of sound waves by Cecilia Bengtsson (December 1, 2016) draws your attention to the background hums of the Bijlmermeer. These ambient sounds produced by airplanes, birds, elevators, tampers and pile drivers form immaterial layers adhering to the built environment as a kind of sub- or meta-architecture, yet they often escape our attention on a day-to-day basis. Bengtsson’s careful locational listening and rendition of these mundane melodies may however, share with you the feeling that they are worth listening to.

Having a background as a classically trained musician Cecilia Bengtsson studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and has completed the Artistic Research Master in The Hague. Her practice evolves around the expanded sculpture as object, action and event. She has exhibited in various contexts including Lumen Travo, TeTo Projects, Stroom Den Haag and Holland Festival.

Cecilia Bengtsson

Cecilia Bengtsson (SE, )


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