August 2016 was all about Reggae Soundsystem Culture at AIR OAZO. We are proud to host Triggafinga International, world wildly known for a heavy and rare artists' dubplate box. Next to this Triggafinga Intl runs a dubplate service and studio recording 1000's of artists, from upcoming to some of the biggest out there, from early roots to the latest dancehall and hiphop. Triggafinga International was founded by Fadda Trigga in 2006. By collecting, playing and recording the dubplate king spreads his passion for Reggae music across the globe. During his stay Triggafinga Intl will work closely with creative studio and Sensiriti Sound to record dubplate sessions and to perform at the new International Reggae Festival in Amsterdam: Reggae Lake. They also organised an open sound session together at AIR OAZO to explore the dubplate phenomenon and sound system culture with a short talk and a set from Trigga's heavy and rare artists' dubplate box.


Dimitrios Thomos - Triggafinga International (GR/IT, )

Triggafinga Triggafinga - Foto 2

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