Rupert Porter, also known as Lance de France, holds a BA of Fine Arts in Photography from Victorian College of the Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Porter is a versatile photographer and creative product designer.

During his residency Porter made a new series of photographs. Portraits from Dutch, Surinamese, Antillean and Moroccan locals coupled with and opposed to the particular urban environment of the Bijlmer formed the backbone of this series. Porter exhibited the new works he created at FATFORM during the second INTERLUDE alongside works by Toves Galleri (DK) and Terry Vreeburg (NL) and at Pop-up Gallery Amsterdam within the group exhibition Amsterdam In Front Of You. Porter also created a solo exhibition at the OAZO AIR studio during the OPEN ART ROUTE 2012. In Melbourne he presented a selection of the series made during his residency alongside new photographs made in Melbourne during his solo show Between Us Two at Blockprojects.

Rupert Porter

Rupert Porter | Lance de France (AU, 1975)

Umber, 2012/13 inkjet print on archival paper 92 x 122 cm  © Rupert Porter Series of Bijlmer photographs © Rupert Porter Series of Bijlmer photographs © Rupert Porter Installation view at the studio © Rupert Porter Installation view Amsterdam In Front Of You at Pop-up Gallery Amsterdam © Pop-up Gallery Amsterdam Rupert Porter Series of Bijlmer photographs © Rupert Porter

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