Tine Grgurevic, also known as BOWRAIN, is a composer, pianist, singer-songwriter and producer. Grgurevic holds an MA of Music in Jazz from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Grgurevic has performed widely at clubs and festivals around Europe and the United States and has composed three albums: Balcan Flavour (Philadelphia, 2009), Images of reality (Amsterdam, 2011) and Far Out (Amsterdam, 2014). In 2012 Grgurevic started making electronic music and he launched his official BOWRAIN debut album in 2014. “BOWRAIN makes electronic music from a genre-less perspective, touching upon traditions of modern classical, jazz and without ever really settling in any sound,” wrote independent music and culture platform Subbacultcha. His experimental approach in music can also be seen in the versatility of his practice, e.g.: “writing for dance pieces and playing jazz piano along to loops of pop-marxist legend Slavoj Žižek philosophising on ideology.”

During his residency Tine Grgurevic worked on the sound design of The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly by Lisa Vereertbrugghen that premiered at Het Veem Theater in November 2014.

Tine Grgurevic

Tine Grgurevic | BOWRAIN (SI, 1983)


BOWRAIN at Stiropor festival of contemporary music in Ljubljana © Tine Grgurevic

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