Open Rehearsal + After Talk Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring | May 9th 19h30|NoLIMIT

29 Apr. 2015

Open Rehearsal Roi Alter

With great pleasure A.P.E. (art projects era), NoLIMIT and OAZO AIR present the Open Rehearsal of Roi Alter's Franz Müller's Wire Spring on Saturday May 9th at 19h30 in NoLIMIT.

Franz Müller's Wire Spring is a contemporary staging of Kurt Schwitters' short DaDa story Franz Müllers Drahtfrühling by artist Roi Alter (IL). The protagonist of the story (Franz Müller) causes the outbreak of the Great Glorious Revolution by simply standing in one place. Under the direction of Roi Alter this story is revitalised in a theatrical, musical and sculptural circus arena around the standing man. In this circus arena story, sound, image, actors and audience mingle with each other.

Performance in English

NoLIMIT is located at Geldershoofd 80, close to metro station Ganzenhoef and is easily reachable by public transport (metro 53). Franz Müller's Wire Spring Premiere: May 16th 2015 | 20h00| Splendor Amsterdam Direction, set design, costumes, translation: Roi Alter Actors: Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Anat Spiegel, Daniel Rovai Light and Sound design: Thomas Myrmel Producer: Maaike Gouwenberg (A.P.E.) Presentation partner: Splendor, Amsterdam Production partner: Open Ateliers Zuidoost Franz Müller's Wire Spring is an A.P.E. (art projects era) Production in collaboration with Open Ateliers Zuidoost and Splendor. Supported by Ida Hannover, Stiftung Horizonte, Open Ateliers Zuidoost, Splendor, and A.P.E. (art projects era).


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