David Gumbs majored in Interactive Multimedia at ENSCI–Les Ateliers in Paris after graduating from the Visual Arts School in Fort-de-France in Martinique. In his varied art practice, consisting of painting, photography and experimental video, Gumbs challenges the offscreen of perception, the cycle of life, the visible and invisible, and digital rhizome graphical macroscopic universes. His painting and drawing universes are shaped from thousand of interlaced lines. His research focuses on the stock of souvenirs that build memory. His new media works could be considered vectors of fairy tale legends of the night, mystical trees and animist ceremonies. These works are inspired by Edouard Glissant’s Créolité in Tout monde as well as social and architectural heritage and the lush fauna and flora of the Caribbean. The Island cultural context fosters the creation of new real-time 3D audiovisual representations, new realms of imagination and new inter-connections influenced by on the one hand the ancestral rhythms from the African continent and on the other hand the French Musique Concrete and Noise from Berlin’s underground scene. His work has recently been presented at the Trinidad+Tobego Film Festival – New Medias (2014), Transformining Spaces, Bahamas (2014), Beep Bop Boop, New Media Festival, Florida (2014) and the BIAC Biennal - Martinique (2013).

During his residency David Gumbs explored new mental and social landscapes through an interactive video installation.

David Gumbs

David Gumbs (GP, 1977)


Emergences (2009). Installation, Mural In Situ, Photographs, 900 x 300cm.  Latitudes, Paris. © David Gumbs Indicible Camouflage (2014). Realtime interactive video. Trinidad+Tobego Film Festival. © David Gumbs Soleil Magma (2013). Real-time interactive video. BIAC, Martinique. © David Gumbs David Gumbs © David Gumbs Offscreen (2014). Video installation, 24 min., 800 x 240 cm. Contemporary Art Space, Martinique. © David Gumbs

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