Speech as an Autobiographical Method R’m Aharoni

15 Sep. 2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the workshop Speech as an Autobiographical Method by R’m Aharoni.

The workshop Speech as an Autobiographical Method is offered alongside Aharoni’s project And Who Wants Peace? for which a speech given by Eric Gill in 1936 under the same title forms the starting point. Gill used this speech to reflect upon political upheaval and also as an autobiographical tool to tell about himself.

The workshop focuses on creating speeches that reflect personal perspectives and backgrounds. Participants will re/write a speech that will become a point where past meets present and different perspectives and environments interact. Each speech is considered as a meeting point – a cluster of personal and historical narratives. Several methods of delivering a speech will be explored through looking at historical speeches and deconstructing them into words, sentences, rhythms, gazes and gestures. Thereafter participants will work on writing their own speech assisted by R’m. The workshop will conclude with a presentation of the personal speeches.


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