AIR MAY-JUNE | Open Group

11 Mei. 2015

Yuriy Biley and Stanislav Turina are co-founders of the Lviv based artist collective Open Group. The practice of the collective is based on researching the interaction and communication between people, artists, situations and spaces.

Gallery on the Stretch of the Road. Uzhgorod, Ukraine © Open Group

While in residence Yuriy Biley and Stanislav Turina will be working on Open Gallery Ukraine-the Netherlands: 1000 km view with Kyiv based curator Maria Lanko and Amsterdam based curator Irina Leifer. This Open Gallery follows in a long line of outlined spaces the Open Group has created so far in constantly changing constellations. The aim of this ongoing artistic endeavor is to alternate the conventional understanding of (art) spaces and the experience thereof while at the same time generating alternative communal experiences and implementing and transforming 'unreality' into reality for a certain time span. Several local artists and non-artists will be invited to engage in the production of the project both in De Bijlmer and in Ukraine.

Gallery on the Stretch of the Road #2. Zaporozhye region, Ukraine © Open Group


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