AIR April – May | Roi Alter

24 Feb. 2015

Einladung zur Revolution The time has come for a revival of the revolutionary Dada spirit of Kurt Schwitters. Almost a century ago the Dada campaign, a series of Dada soirees, organised by Theo van Doesburg, Nelly van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters and Vilmos Huszár, toured across The Netherlands visiting The Hague, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Drachten. Die grosse glorreiche Revolution in Revon [The Great and Glorious Revolution in Revon] was one of the centrepieces of this tour. During his residency at OAZO AIR visual artist Roi Alter (IL) will be working on a contemporary sculptural-theatrical-musical staging of Kurt Schwitters’ Dada story Franz Müllers Drahtfrühling [Franz Müller’s Wire Springtime. Causes and Outbreak of the Great and Glorious Revolution in Revon] centring around a man who started a revolution simply by standing there. Roi's 'partners in crime' are Anat Spiegel (IL), Daniel Rovai (FR), Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (IS) and Thomas Myrmel (US). Franz Müller's Wire Spring is an A.P.E production. The performance will premiere May 15th at Splendor Amsterdam after a try-out in the Bijlmer. Franz Müller's Wire-Spring  


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