Invitation to the Blues | Opening January 24th 18h00-22h00

01 Jan. 2015

Invitation to the Blues © Roi Alter

Invitation to the Blues © Roi Alter

For four consecutive Saturday nights PuntWG will transform into a Juke Joint: an informal gathering and meeting place for artists, musicians and art lovers featuring concerts, performances and visual art. The Juke Joint also functions as a refuge: a place where everyday troubles and existential doubts are shared and made harmless. Current resident artist Hu Wei is one of the participating artists as is former resident artist Lisa Vereertbrugghen.

Traditionally a Juke Joint was an informal establishment offering food and drinks alongside music, dancing and gambling, consequently forming crowded entertainment centres. Juke Joints have their origin in the nineteenth century South-eastern United States and were primarily operated by African American people, because access to most white establishments was denied to them. Juke joints frequently arose at intersections of roads in the country or at the edge of towns.

Public entrance: WG Plein opposite nr. 80. For more information and directions click here.

Opening: Saturday, January 24th 18h00 - 22h00 Saturday, January 31st 18h00 - 22h00 Saturday, February 7th 18h00 - 22h00 Finissage Saturday, February 14th 18h00 - 22h00

Curator: Roi Alter Participating Artists: Aapo Nikkanen, Arno Quartet, Avondwinkel, Bert Jacobs, David Bernstein, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Francois Dey, Hrafnhildur Helgadottir, Hu Wei, Jonas Ohlsson, Judith Leysner, Kaleb de Groot, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Marat Beltser, Melanie Ebenhoch, Naneci Yurdagül, Noa Giniger, Orr Herz, Renan Harari, Renata Sifrar, Styrmir Orn Gudmunsson, Terry Vreeburg, Veniamin Kazachenko and many more.

Invitation to the Blues


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