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Antonio Jose Guzman: in preparation for the exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) | May, 2016

We are pleased to host Antonio Jose Guzman. Guzman will be working on his upcoming solo exhibition Dukkha (Double Dip) at Galerie 23, Amsterdam (Opening May 29, 2016) and Mon Capitaine, Middelburg (Opening June 5, 2016).

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Moha presents: The Walks - Funeral | April 16 | 15h00 - 17h00

We warmly invite you to Moha’s Funeral, the third edition of The Walks. The Funeral starts at 3 pm at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost and will end around 5 pm at Wijk 7. There will be a series

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"Kelly" is back for a week

This week Lisa Vereertbrugghen is in Kruitberg to prepare for The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly at SHOWROOM MAMA

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María Peralta: Rehearsals Spiegel im Spiegel | February 6 -14, 2016

What is specific about the encounter between two? This is one of the questions that runs through María Peralta’s new performance Spiegel im Spiegel that will premiere

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