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Atefeh Majidi Nezhad

OAZO AIR presents Atefeh Majidi Nezhad, an artist with an focus on fine art. Atefeh stayed at the OAZO air for the past two months. She lives in Tehran-Iran where she earned an MFA in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University.

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OAZO AIR presents; Valeria Ko

OAZO presents visual artist Valéria Ko. With a presentation of her work, a Q & A and traditional Russian snacks.


Valeria calls her work everyday erotic articles. Her works are focused on women's forms and a simple beauty. She likes to mix routine things and an unusual environment. Her works are not only about women themselves, but also about a figure in a space. She finds the female body inspiring.

On Instagram you can see more of her work:

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Artist Talk & Drinks AIR - Roi Alter

It is our pleasure to invite you to the presentation of our artist in residence Roi Alter. Join us for an evening of Art & Drinks!

Roi is staying with us from the 9th of February until the 21st. During his stay, he will be working on a theater show. Roi will tell us a little bit more about his work and the theater show. Our host of the evening will do a little Q&A so there will be enough time for questions.

Franz Müller's Wire Spring was translated to English and adapted to theatre by visual artist and translator Roi Alter (1980, Jaffa), who has initially attracted to the story thanks to its absurdist appearance and rhythmic structure, strongly intertwined with some profoundly realistic contemporary social conditions. Alter had created the set, props, costumes and music for the play in a "Schwitters-like" manner, also corresponding to Alter's own artistic practice - working alone and relying on available and found materials and on existing capabilities (thus letting the constraints on his work to also positively determine the outcome), and went on to direct the play with performer and visual artist Styrmir Orn Gudmunsson (IS/NL), singer, composer and performer Anat Spiegel (IL/NL), and actor, clown and musician Daniel Rovai (FR/NL). Also collaborating in creating the
performance were musician Thomas Myrmel (sound and light) and curator Maaike Gouwenberg from A.P.E (art projects era). During the play Alter plays drums and guitar and operates the sound.

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Opening Night of our Artist in Residence Nataly Kozhukhovskaya

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Opening Night of our Artist in Residence Nataly Kozhukhovskaya on wednesday January 10th from 18h00 until 21h00.

During her three-month residency Nataly (RUS) worked on her project "Dating an imaginary man". A series of portraits was created in the spring of 2016 in a suburb of Barcelona in the residence of Mas Els Igols. A series of linocut patterns was created in the summer of 2017 in Amsterdam at the residence of the AGA lab and is part of the project Dating an imaginary man. Here, in OAZO she continued to work on Dating an imaginary man project. Here is the process

The Opening Night will be a moment to get acquainted with her works.

Please join us January 10th at Kruitberg for an Artist Talk with Nataly and presentation of her work.

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