Rím Aharoni holds a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and an MA in Media Art from KASK School of Arts Ghent. His graduation work All You Need Ė an address to Queen Victoria was nominated for the Horlait Dapsens prize. Aharoniís body of work sources from biographies. Through researching the lives of particular individuals he aims to expose different effects that shape identity. This means a constant negotiation between the private and the collective and at the same time a movement from the specific to the general. The biographies are also stretched in time and geography, influenced by places he never visited, and times and people never experienced or met. We travel, we migrate, we meet, we watch, we listen and we speak in different languages; thus we borrow, we reiterate, we harbour and we adopt. As such we constitute the other in ourselves. The individual often speaks in many voices, and one may be more of a Ďdividualí rather than Ďin-tegratedí within oneself. Aharoniís narratives are drawn from his direct surroundings as well as from cultural icons. He uses an interdisciplinary approach, moving between media to fit impressions with expressions.

During his residency Rím Aharoni introduced residents and visitors of the Bijlmer to the art and philosophy of Eric Gill: Eric Gill Meets the Bijlmer.

Rím Aharoni

Rím Aharoni (BE/IL, 1983)


All You Need Ė an address to Queen Victoria (2014). Digitalized DV, 4:3, Stereo, Colour, 12:57í, Israel © Rím Aharoni Earth Receiving (2012). Choreography © Rím Aharoni It All Goes Together (2013). Part of The trilogy of Eric Gill © Rím Aharoni The Horizons of Joseph (2014). A short theater piece © Rím Aharoni

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