Kóan Jeff Baysa is a physician, curator, designer, writer, critic, Whitney Museum Independent Study Program- Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow, and a member of the Association of International Art Critics. He specialises in designing and producing projects and events that mash-up and contextualize seemingly disparate subjects and explore the overlapping areas of contemporary creative practice, medicine, design and technology. As a medical scientist his interests centre around issues of the sensate body and the ways in which human perceptions can be impacted by sensory input, as a cultural worker his interests lie in examining the dynamics of subcultures nesting within larger cultures, as an artist he is most interested in creating text-based works, experimenting in all media. Dr. Baysa initiated the ongoing experiential workshop series SENSEight, curated many exhibitions and has organised and participated in art events throughout the world from Paris to Tuzla, from Abu Dhabi to Yokohama.

During his residency he conducted several studio visits in Amsterdam in collaboration with C&H Art Space.

Kóan Jeff Baysa

Kóan Jeff Baysa (HI, )


Ko?an Jeff Baysa visits ART ZUID 2013 (Sculpture Erwin Wurm, Big Pumpkin, 2009) © Ko?an Jeff Baysa Welcome Ko?an Jeff Baysa at C&H Art Space © Ko?an Jeff Baysa Welcome Ko?an Jeff Baysa at C&H Art Space © Ko?an Jeff Baysa

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